Contact us for a more detailed quote on custom designed signage or packages. But to get an idea of our products, some of our standard signboard & brochure packages are set out below:

Pack A – A4x50 + A6x200

Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack B – A6x400

Double Sided, 300gsm great for letterbox drops

6×4 Flat Signboard

Photo OR Text

8×4 Large Slim Signboard

Photo OR Text

Pack M
A4 4pg Bookletx50 + 100DL

with cello glazed gloss OR matt laminate finish DL’s are Double Sided

8×6 Signboard 2400×1800

Text OR Photo Signboard

1200×600 Small Slim

Agent Details ONLY

(A) XXL 2400×2400

Photo OR Text Signboard

(B) – XXL 3600×2400

Photo OR Text Signboard

PACK H – 50 Square 4pg Booklet + 100DL

DL’s are Double Sided

Pack 2 – 6×4 Signboard & Brochure Pack

Brochure Pack = 50A4 + 200A6 Double Sided

Pack 1 – 8×4 Signboard + Square Bookletx50 with DLx100

Brochure Pack = 50Square 4pg Booklets + 100DL’s

1200×900 Small Flat

Sale OR Lease Agent Details ONLY

6×4 Curved Signbard

Sale OR Lease Agent Details ONLY

6×4 Flat Signboard

Sale OR Lease Agent Details Only  

6×4 Flat Signboard with 75mm Edge

Photo OR Text

1800×900 Medium Flat

Photo OR Text Signboard

1200×900 Small Flat

Text ONLY Signboard

1200×900 Small Flat

Photo Signboard 1 Photo, Small amount of Text Agent Details

Pack C – A4x100

Double Sided 

Pack D – 300DL

Double Sided
(order can be split – 150just listed / 150just sold)

Pack E – A6x200

Double Sided
(order can be split 100just listed/100just sold)

Pack F
A4 4pg Booklets

50xA4 4pg Booklet
(order can be landscape or portrait format)

Pack G – DL Booklet

150xDL 4pg Booklet  

Pack 3 – 6×4 Signboard + A6x400

Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack 4
6×4 Signboard PLUS 50A4

Brochures = Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack 5 – 8×4 Signboard + DL 4pg Booklets x 150


10 x 600×250 Stickers – GENERIC

2 Colours ONLY Sold OR Leased

10 x 750×250 Stickers – Custom Designed

Any design  – Agent, Name, Mobile, Photo Sold / Leased

Pack 7 – 6x4Signboard PLUS A4x50, A6x500 & A3x1 Window Card


Stanard Overlay

Overlays to cover text on existing signboard
(Standard sizing)

Large Overlay

to be quoted by #1RES as required  

Pair of Car Magnets

Standard Sizing 600×300
Your choice of design

Pack 8 – 6×4 Signboard PLUS A4 4pg Bookletsx50, A6x200

A4 booklet can be landscape OR portrait
A6 brochures can be split 100just listed/100just sold

Pack K – A4x50

Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack L – A4x100 + DLx100

Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack 9 – 6×4 Signboard PLUS 4pg Square Bookletx50 with DLx100

Double Sided, 300gsm
(can split DL’s 50just listed & 50just sold)

Pack 10 – 8×4 Signboard PLUS A4x100

Double Sided, 300gsm

1800×400 Tall Slim

Sale OR Lease
Agent Details ONLY

Pack 11 – 6×4 Signboard PLUS A4x100 & DLx100

Double Sided, 300gsm
(order can be split for DL’s 50just listed/50just sold)

Pack 12 – 1200×600 Signboard PLUS A4x50

Signboard – Agent Details ONLY
Brochures – Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack N – DLx100

Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack 13 – 1200×900 Photo Signboard PLUS A5x50

Brochures = Double Sided, 300gsm

6×4 Curved Signboard

Photo OR Text

PACK H – 4pg Square Bookletx50 + 100DL

Double Sided, 300gsm

Pack 19 – 6×4 Signboard + A4x50 & DLx300

Double Sided, 300gsm

2400×1800 Extra Large Signboard

Photo OR Text

8×4 Large Slim Photo Signboard


PDF A4 4pg Digital Booklet

this price is only if A4 4pg booklet has been ordered as hard copy otherwise please order under “PDF A4 4pg Digital Booklet ONLY”

Pack 18 – 6×4 Signboard + A4 4pg Bookletsx50 & DLx200

DL’s are Double Sided
(DL’s can be split 100just listed / 100just sold)


Double Sided, 300gsm


Double Sided, 300gsm

8×4 Illuminated Signboard 2400×1200

Available in Portrait Format ONLY Solar Panel OR 240V Power Supply

6×4 Illuminated Signboard 1800×1200

Solar Panel OR 240v Power Supply Available

Pack 17 – 8×4 Signboard +PLUS A4 Gate Fold Bookletsx50

Booklets, Full Colour, 300gsm

A5x50 Artboard

Double Sided 400gsm Artboard Stock

Pack J – A4x50 + DLx100

Double Sided, 300gsm Can split DL’s to 50 just listed & 50 just sold

Pack 20 – 6×4 Signboard + DL 4pg Bookletx200 & DLx100

DL’s are double sided, 300gsm  

Signboard Flag 1850x580mm

Double Sided

A Frame 900x600mm

Double Sided 

A Frame 600x600mm

Double Sided 

Professional Photography

Call for a quote 

Business Cards

Call up for a quote 

Corflute Directional Signs 450x500mm

Double Sided  Complete with Wire Grass spikes

Pull Up Banner


Tear Drop Flag


Portable Promotional Display Stand


Endure Sign A Frame

Double Sided 

Presentation Folder

Call up for a quote 

Personalised Door Mats

Call up for a quote 

Pack O – A5 4 pg Bookletsx50

Full Colour 300 GSM 

Pack P – DL Double Sidedx50

Full Colour 300 GSM

4X4 (1200X1200)


Pack 21 – 6×4 Signboard + A4 4pg Bookletx50 + 100DL

Celloglazed Gloss Finish

A4 Brochure Holder

Installed onto the side of Signboard Hire Only

Pack Q – A4 Gatefold Brochuresx50

Gatefold A4Brochures, Full Colour, 300gsm

1200×900 Small Flat (with Overlay)

Photo Signboard 1 Photo, Small amount of Text with AUCTION Overlay

1800×900 Medium Flat

Agent Details ONLY For Sale or For Lease

Pack R – Square Gate Fold Bookletsx50

300Gsm, Full Colour